We have an eclectic mix of clients.

  • We have a classically successful New York City couple who live on Park Avenue.
  • We have a Minnesotan who lives on a horse farm and collects and restores cars.
  • We have a young California couple who struggled for years before he stepped into his current role as a writer on a hugely successful cable television show.
  • We have a recently retired couple who saved their way to an impressive retirement sum out of careers in the Chicago Public School system and in a non-profit organization.
  • We have a Dallas-based woman who is a marketing executive for a Fortune 50 company and has a public-company board position.
  • We have an academic who invested after receiving a large sum from winning a major academic award.
  • We work with professors at both Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. 
  • We have several Chicago-based families, most of whom have careers in technology.

There is no single mold, for sure. We do work with more than our share of academics and public-company-board members. And, of course, we have a good number of Chicago clients. But there are two common threads that seems to run through them all -- they like a human-centered approach, and they are all  good people.