STUDIO was formed in 2011 to bring high-quality investing to individual investors like you. I spent the first 15 years of my career serving institutional clients — pension plans, foundations, and endowments. But in all those years, there was a complete absence of connection with the human beings at the other end of the relationship. We wanted to create a research-driven investment firm that directly related its work to the living, breathing people who rely on it for their futures.

Ideally, you want a world-class investment experience, but you also want a personal relationship with the people actually making the investment decisions, and access to those people for useful and trusted financial advice on retirement, real estate, business planning, estate planning, and college-saving plans. It’d also be nice if you liked them personally too.

Ideally, we want to immerse ourselves in investment research. After all, it was the prospect of a fascinating intellectual challenge and an endless learning experience that attracted us to investing. But we also like good people, and we believe a useful life, and career, is one that adds to the lives of others.

We have tried to create STUDIO in order to mesh our professional ambitions with our personal beliefs — to create a stimulating environment we love and to build close relationships we value.

Investment quality does matter — a lot. If you compound $1,000,000 at 6% over 30 years, the result is $7,686,087. Yes, that’s amazing! The magic of compounding is a wonder of the world. But if you compound the same $1,000,000 at 7% over 30 years, the result is $10,676,581. With just 1% more in return per year, you end up with an extra $3 million, or 39% more money!

So, we work very hard to achieve investment excellence. This means that we strive for strong performance for your portfolio given the risks taken over a five-to-ten-year period. We emphasize downside protection first and growth second. We believe a thorough, fundamentally based, and systematic approach to forecasting expectations for stock and bond markets is uncommon and crucial. We believe that a value-minded, price-sensitive approach is a huge fundamental advantage. And we believe that a long-term mindset is a tremendous behavioral advantage. Each of these elements are based on our view that unusual investment results are achieved by those with a thoughtful, theoretical grounding and a calm, patient temperament. Our philosophy is built to capitalize on what we call "rare but valuable simplicities".

We also know your relationship with us is about much more than the value of your portfolio or its path through time. It is about how you feel as your wealth grows over time — confident or worried, trusting or skeptical, inspired or dejected. We view your hard-earned savings as sacred. And when you choose us to manage your financial future, we owe you the care and empathy required to recognize and respond to your concerns and feelings.

We believe empathy grows as you know someone better. Once we know you — your family, your home, your work, your interests, your ambitions, your concerns — it's impossible not to care. We will better anticipate what questions to ask and what concerns to address. We will help you more comfortably contemplate difficult topics. We will better imagine how you feel when the market gets greedy or fearful. By knowing you, we hope to build an overall experience that will be created very specifically for you.  

We hope you will choose to get to know us better.


Mike Wolcott

Managing Principal